Julio Carrillo


Julio Carrillo Platinum Plus Capital - Leveraged Linguist Podcast

In this episode, Julio Carrillo Funds Manager at Platinum Plus Capital, talks about how he employs automated algorithms to generate safe returns with no commitments.

Julio Carrillo - Navigating Crypto Trading and Inflation

In this insightful podcast episode, we delve into the world of crypto trading and its relation to the current economic climate of inflation. Join us as we navigate through the complexities of cryptocurrency trading, discussing strategies, risks, and potential rewards.

Julio Carrillo - Every business needs business development, sales, and financing

Join us as we dive into the critical importance of these three pillars for every business, regardless of its size or industry. Julio shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, shedding light on effective strategies to drive business growth, boost sales revenue, and secure the necessary financing to fuel expansion.

Julio Carrillo - How to get your money working for you

Join us as we explore practical strategies and insights that can help individuals and businesses maximize their financial potential. Julio shares his expertise on various investment opportunities, wealth-building techniques, and smart financial decision-making.

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